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Bust to Bust: Chichi wa Chichi ni - Episode 1

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Bust to Bust: Chichi wa Chichi ni

Bust to Bust: Chichi wa Chichi ni

Publish: 2015-05-21 17:18:49
Description: After class loner Yano Megumi misses school for a few days her classmate Igawa comes to deliver her homework and tell her about an upcoming test. He ends up discovering that she’s a secret Otaku, and a “rotten” yaoi fan who’s been skipping class to draw doujinshi of men getting it on. He volunteers his own nudity as an artistic reference in a classic case of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Sensing the two of them getting closer, Igawa’s childhood friend and class president Fukuhara Shinobu is jealous. A friendly rivalry between Yano and Fukuhara erupts. Spoiler: the winner is Igawa.
Size: 157.0MB
Last Updated: 2015-05-21 17:18:49
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