Blue room of the prince - Episode 2

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Blue room of the prince

Blue room of the prince

Publish: 2012-01-23 23:23:11
Last Updated: 2009-12-20 21:25:22
Japanese Name: 王子の蒼い部屋
Description Name: One year has passed since the events of the first story. Yuria and Karl live happily in the Kingdom of Clause. But incessant scandals begin to rise, threatening their happiness. It's the Curse of Rudolf. Working as a kingsman, Karl and his friend Ronnie are entrusted by the king to deal with the curse. They first head to the town of Tores, but when they do, the king is murdered back home, and the royal daughter Kristina is kidnapped. Amid the confusion Karl's own beloved Yuria is also taken hostage! Now their happiness is in ruins!
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